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ENG : This is a business model that enables a peer to peer win system that includes the artist such as vocalists and producers.


The samples that you are about to listen is owned by The Sin Records and maybe eligible to copy right ( Please keep in mind that you maybe subject to fines and prosecutions it you infringe copyright ).

You can bid on the infrastructures you want and like.  ( Bids below the min bid price are not taken into consideration by The Sin Records and the artist. )

You may buy out or bid for the samples that you wish to purchase .( The artist which who have produced the sample may consider the bid that has been offered to him/her. )

The samples will remain in place until it has been purchased from an artist.


If you wish you may purchase the sample instantly with the requested amount given by the artist .  This way you may instantly get the sample without waiting for an approval by paying safely with a credit card or via other payment methods.


The infrastructures purchased from here are delivered by The Sin Records to the purchaser for their own editing in the form of channel 24bit 48000 kps in wav format or as a Logic Pro X project.


Please consider the following when purchasing the samples;

- the studio fees, recordings, master and mix prices are not included in the overall price.


- the sample purchased are as it is and will not include any mix & master options, however, you may request additional mix master and recording options from the artists for an extra fee.


The Sin Records will withhold the confidential information and will never share this with third parties. Sin records will reach out to the costumers who have purchased the sample for additional information however is not liable for any return to any other enquires.


After the purchase, the licence will fully belong to the buyer, including the recordings, beats, composition. The Sin Records will process and send all the relevant legal information once the transaction is complete.


Before you can legally publish the songs you make by purchasing here, approval must be obtained from The Sin Records. The works published without approval may be withdrawn from the ports published by The Sin Records and may face material and moral criminal sanctions.


You could request additional information at or you could text message

+905442000100 and reach out as well. We will gladly help you and answer any of your questions.


For bidding and immediate purchases,